Confidential Legal Help Following An Arrest Regarding Prescription Drugs

Were you arrested for illegal use of prescription drugs? Did you know prescription drugs are more commonly abused than heroin, meth or cocaine?

People charged with prescription drug crimes are from all walks of life and, not only are they subject to criminal penalties, they are at risk of losing their jobs, homes and families. Additionally, prescription drug addiction is linked to acts of criminal violence as a person's need for a medication gets stronger. If you are in trouble with the law because of prescription medication, seek a drug defense lawyer right away.

Aggressively Defending People Charged With Drug Crimes In Massachusetts

Contact the Law Office of Ryan P. Sullivan if you are arrested, received a call to come in for questioning or are facing charges about a drug crime. You may be convicted of a prescription drug crime if you illegally purchase, possess or sell medications for which you don't have prescriptions. Even a first offense must be taken seriously because a second offense can put you in state prison for a minimum of three and a half years. If you are never convicted of the first offense, you are not at risk of a second.

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Medications for pain and anxiety — such as Vicodin, Ativan or Valium — are Class C drugs, and oxycodone or Oxycontin are Class B drugs. A conviction may send you to jail for two to 12 or more years, depending on the amount and type of drug you are trafficking, distributing or possessing.

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