Legal Representation For OUI First Offense

Facing a drunk or drugged driving charge can be daunting. Many people have questions and concerns after a first-time OUI arrest. When you retain the Law Office of Ryan P. Sullivan to represent you in a criminal case, you will work with a knowledgeable lawyer who will address your concerns and attentively listen to your most important goals.

Massachusetts law provides some of the strictest penalties for first-time OUI/DUI offenses in the country. A conviction on a drunk driving charge can lead to significant time behind bars, large fines and other requirements set by the trial court. License suspensions, including lengthy suspensions for breath test refusal accusations, are common concerns after a DUI arrest. Collateral consequences can include increased insurance rates, and an adverse impact on future educational, military and job opportunities.

A Tough Defense Lawyer For The Harsh Consequences Of An OUI/DUI

Attorney Ryan P. Sullivan is an aggressive criminal defense lawyer who previously served as a prosecutor in Middlesex County. His knowledge of the system, the tendencies of prosecutors and his experience with criminal law are invaluable to his clients. He has earned a reputation as a skilled negotiator and accomplished trial attorney.

Attorney Sullivan is diligent in pursuing the most favorable outcome in each case, including obtaining dismissal of the charges, an acquittal at trial or negotiating a favorable plea agreement to minimize the impact of a conviction.

When you need legal representation for an OUI first offense, the lawyer you choose can make a significant difference in the outcome of the case. Attorney Sullivan knows how to review every detail, from the initial stop to the procedures used to gather evidence from all angles. His ability to view the facts and circumstances from every angle is beneficial in crafting an effective OUI/DUI defense strategy. He has deep knowledge of what questions to ask in challenging drunk driving charges.

Massachusetts OUI laws set the maximum sentence on a first-time offense at two-and-a-half years, although dispositions resulting in a maximum sentence are not likely. Many first-time offenders may qualify for a "24D disposition," which may include up to two years of probation.

Attorney Sullivan is well-versed in all aspects of Massachusetts DUI laws, including alternative dispositions such as a continuance without a finding. He diligently educates clients of potential first-time offender programs and the pros and cons of all of the available legal options.

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