Legal Representation For OUI License Suspension

It is no secret that a drunk driving arrest can result in a significant impact on your privilege to drive in Massachusetts. Getting to and from work, picking up the kids and heading to the grocery store are all adversely impacted. For comprehensive legal representation in OUI license suspension and drunk driving matters, contact the Law Office of Ryan P. Sullivan in Lowell, Massachusetts.

The state implied consent and OUI laws provide harsh consequences, including a substantial impact on an individual's privilege to drive. For instance, failing the breath test will result in a license suspension of 30 days. A breath test refusal suspension on a first-time offense lasts 180 days and can increase to lifetime for repeat offenses. An OUI conviction for a first-time offense results in a minimum 45 day suspension, with as much as a one-year license loss.

The most important concerns of each client of the firm are paramount. Attorney Sullivan provides results-oriented legal representation, tailored to the goals of each client.

Attorney Sullivan has extensive experience in drunk driving cases and understands the complex interplay between the DUI laws and their impact on your driver's license. Some paths and dispositions that are available to resolve a drunk driving charge may allow a driver to get a driver's license back at a much earlier date than others. In first-time offenses, a continuance without a finding may be an option.

If getting your license back at the earliest possible time is your most vital concern, attorney Sullivan will fully explain your options. He diligently guides clients through the steps necessary to obtain a hardship license, when available. For clients who face breath test refusal cases attorney Sullivan will advise clients on how to get back on the road in the shortest possible time.

For many, the lengthy time period for a drunk driving-related license suspension is devastating. But the moving parts between the OUI charges and the loss of license are complicated. Mr. Sullivan will thoroughly analyze your individual circumstances in crafting a criminal defense strategy and fully explain all of the legal options to allow you to make informed decisions and move forward with confidence.

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