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Most drivers understand that a breath test failure will likely result in OUI/DUI charges. If a person chooses to decline to submit to a chemical test related to a drunk driving arrest in Massachusetts, the most immediate impact that the driver will face is the immediate suspension of his or her privilege to drive. The length of the suspension is dependent on whether the alleged test refusal is a first-time or repeat offense.

For instance, in a first-time test refusal case, a driver's license is automatically suspended for 180 days. Lengthier suspensions will be imposed for repeat offenses. The driver has 15 days after a DUI arrest to request a hearing with the Registry of Motor Vehicles to challenge the suspension. It is crucial to speak with an experienced breath test refusal defense lawyer as soon as possible after your arrest.

Comprehensive Representation For Test Refusal Allegations

Challenging the suspension requires detailed analysis. It is a misperception that the state will not pursue drunk driving charges against a person who has refused a breath test. It is therefore vital to protect your rights as a criminal case alleging drunk driving is likely in a breath test refusal case. The prosecutor may call the officer to testify as to his or her observations concerning driving conduct and interactions during the traffic stop to support the government's theory of impairment. You need a lawyer who will comprehensively protect your rights.

Attorney Ryan P. Sullivan has substantial experience with OUI cases in Massachusetts. When you call for a free initial consultation, you will meet face to face with a former prosecutor who knows how the government attorneys think. He will analyze your situation as a skilled criminal defense lawyer with prior experience building drunk driving cases and will provide straightforward advice on how to best protect your rights, with a strong emphasis on your personal goals.

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