Experienced Defense to Harassment Orders

Attorney Sullivan strongly recommends that anyone charged with a violation of a restraining order or harassment prevention order contact an experienced criminal defense attorney to help through the process. As with any criminal case you or a loved one is facing, Attorney Sullivan is available discuss the allegations with you and determine a plan of defense.

Helping Defend You From A Harassment Order

Unlike a restraining order, there is no requirement that a particular type of relationship exists for a harassment prevention order to issue. Instead, the plaintiff (person requesting the order) must show that one of three things happened:

One: That the person who the order is being taken out against committed three or more acts that are:

  • Done on purpose and done for cruelty, hostility, or revenge
  • Directed at the person seeking the order
  • Are intended to cause fear, intimidate abuse or damage to property
  • Caused the person seeking the order fear, intimidation, abuse or damage to property

Two: The person who was seeking the order was forced to or threatened to have sex

Three: The person seeking the order was the victim of a crime of:

  • indecent assault and battery
  • rape
  • statutory rape
  • assault with intent to rape
  • enticement of a child
  • criminal stalking
  • criminal harassment
  • drugging for sexual intercourse

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Attorney Sullivan is experienced in arguing to judges that these orders should never issue or, if they did, that the orders should be vacated (dismissed). A thorough knowledge of the elements mentioned above, and a comprehensive understanding of the laws surrounding restraining orders and harassment orders (and what is not enough for one to issue) allows Attorney Sullivan to vigorously represent his clients when they are facing accusations that an order be issued against them.

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