Providing An Aggressive Defense To Robbery Charges

Are you facing theft charges in Massachusetts? Is the prosecution tacking on additional charges following your arrest and saying you used a deadly weapon or threatened someone with physical harm?

Criminal Defense Representation And Skill You Can Count On

Lawyer Ryan P. Sullivan tried hundreds of criminal cases in Middlesex County District and Superior Courts as an award-winning assistant district attorney. He now dedicates himself to applying what he learned to aggressively defending people charged with crimes in Lowell and throughout the surrounding areas.

"We need people like Ryan P. Sullivan to fight for justice and peace. I strongly recommend him to anybody who has a criminal case." — Client testimony

Experience matters, especially when you need a robbery defense attorney. Robbery is just one of many types of theft offenses in Massachusetts and, at the Law Office of Ryan P. Sullivan, you can expect straight answers and aggressive representation after an arrest.

Attorney Sullivan will guide you through the entire process, explaining the twists and turns your case can take. For example, it does not matter if an item was actually taken; the intention to rob or steal is all that is necessary for a conviction in Massachusetts. Nor is physical contact or harm a requirement for a robbery conviction; putting a person in fear of harm is enough.

Other issues may raise your risk of higher penalties and more years in jail, such as:

  • Using threats of violence to gain access to money
  • Robbing a person who is age 60 or older
  • Assaulting a person with the intention of stealing or robbing
  • Putting someone in fear of being robbed or assaulted
  • Holding or using a potentially dangerous weapon during a robbery

Seek A Skilled Defense Attorney For Robbery Charges

No matter how serious your situation, the Law Office of Ryan P. Sullivan is on your side, fighting for your rights and your freedom throughout your entire case. Contact the firm online or call 978-330-6474 to set up a free consultation.