An Arrest For Shoplifting May Be More Serious Than You Think

Surveillance cameras have changed how we live our lives. You may feel you have lost all sense of privacy on public streets, in elevators and hallways of hotels. Gone are the days when a child slips a candy bar into his or her pocket on a dare. Now, those same kids are subject to arrest, and can be taken to the local police station for booking.

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Many charges for shoplifting are the result of overzealous prosecution. A number of retail stores have loss prevention officers who aggressively pursue criminal charges even when the incident was not serious. If a prosecutor proves you or your child intentionally hid an object with the intention of stealing it, that can be enough for a conviction in Massachusetts.

A criminal conviction can carry lifelong consequences including:

  • A permanent criminal record
  • An inability to obtain or keep a job
  • Disqualification for obtaining a student loan for college

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