Aggressively Defending People Charged With Assault And Battery

Have you been charged with a violent crime in Massachusetts? Are you facing assault charges after someone started a fight with you? Even a minor altercation can turn into trumped-up criminal charges, potentially landing you in jail for months until your criminal case is resolved.

If you are charged with assault and battery, it is important you obtain legal help as fast as possible. At the first sign of trouble, call an experienced violent crimes defense attorney at the Law Office of Ryan P. Sullivan.

"Ryan P. Sullivan is just one of the best lawyers I have come across in Middlesex County. He goes above and beyond for his clients." — Client testimony

Attorney Ryan P. Sullivan worked as an award-winning prosecutor in district and superior courts in the county and now applies the knowledge he learned to defending people charged with violent crimes. As a dedicated criminal defense lawyer, he will take a proactive approach to your case, aggressively defending your freedom and your rights.

Experience matters when you are facing a number of criminal charges at the same time. You may be charged with assault and battery as part of a claim of domestic violence, a robbery or a drug crime case. A thorough investigation of your situation and a skilled defense is vital to your success in court. Ryan P. Sullivan provides you with the advice, guidance and skill you deserve as he helps you obtain the best possible outcome for your case.

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