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Police in Massachusetts hotly pursue crimes of domestic violence. Domestic violence laws were overhauled after a man allegedly killed his girlfriend the day after he was released from jail on domestic assault charges. Now, almost any act of abuse against a member of your family or household may be considered an act of domestic violence in Massachusetts.

If you are arrested or facing charges for domestic abuse in Middlesex County or the surrounding area, you need an aggressive and effective criminal defense lawyer on your side.

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At the Law Office of Ryan P. Sullivan, you will receive an aggressive defense from a highly talented trial lawyer. Ryan P. Sullivan is a former award-winning prosecutor, and he is dedicated to finding mistakes and weaknesses in the prosecutor's case against you.

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You may be charged with a domestic violence crime in Massachusetts if you:

Even if you were not the one to start a fight, you may be charged with a violent crime in an act of retaliation.

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