Skilled Legal Representation For People Charged With Sex Crimes In Massachusetts

An arrest for an alleged sex crime can throw your entire world into turmoil, even if the charges are based on spiteful retaliation or misidentification. If you are convicted of a sex crime in Massachusetts, you may not only have to go to jail, you will have to register as a sex offender, which will cause you serious problems for the rest of your life.

Providing You With An Aggressive Defense To Criminal Charges

Many sex crime cases come down to a disagreement about what he said versus what she said. Only an experienced criminal defense lawyer can provide you with the investigative skills and experienced legal representation you need and deserve.

Contact the Law Office of Ryan P. Sullivan when you face a criminal charge, such as:

  • Sexual assault or rape
  • Lewdness or intentional public exposure
  • Rape of a child or child enticement
  • Human trafficking or prostitution-related crimes
  • Indecent assault and battery — touching someone inappropriately

"Ryan P. Sullivan explained to me exactly what to expect and gave me the information I needed to feel at ease and in control while I navigated this ordeal." — Client testimony

Aggressive. Dedicated. Effective.

Ryan P. Sullivan is a skilled sex crimes defense attorney. After working as an award-winning prosecutor in Middlesex County, he dedicated his career to defending people charged with serious crimes in Lowell and the surrounding areas in Massachusetts, including:

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