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Repeat OUI / DUI

Lowell OUI Second Offense Defense Lawyer

The strict OUI/DUI laws in Massachusetts provide enhanced penalties for a conviction on a repeat DUI charge, including mandatory jail or prison sentences. The length of a driver's license suspension is also substantially increased. This is why you need an experienced lawyer to help you. Ryan Sullivan is a skilled and experienced Lowell DUI defense lawyer who has defended many people charged with repeat DUI offenses.

In general, there is no "look-back" period for when the previous conviction occurred. A prior drunk driving conviction from another state may also support a repeat OUI charge in Massachusetts. Whether you were charged recently in another state or your earlier offense occurred years in the past, a prosecutor is able to seek an enhancement of the charges.

A nuance of the law allows your defense lawyer to seek to argue that a second offense occurring 10 years or more after a prior conviction qualifies as a first-time offense (also called a "Cahill Disposition”). This allows a one-time look back that can avoid the significant additional penalties of a second offense and a reduced license suspension from the department of transportation.

If you are charged with an OUI third offense or greater, the charge is considered a felony, which can result in the status of a convicted felon if you lose your case. This is on top of mandatory jail time:

  • Third offense: 180 days minimum sentence in a jail or prison (150 days mandatory time);
  • Fourth offense: 2 years minimum sentence in jail or prison (1 year mandatory time);
  • Fifth offense (or greater): 2 ½ years minimum sentence in jail or prison (2 years mandatory time).

The consequences of a conviction for a repeat OUI offense are severe. At this crucial time, it is more important than ever to seek the help of an experienced, knowledgeable Lowell DUI defense lawyer who will provide a comprehensive, unique, and aggressive defense to your DUI charge.

Turn to a Skilled Repeat OUI Defense Lawyer in Lowell to Protect Your Rights

The laws for drunk driving and DUI drugs cases are complicated. You deserve a lawyer who will not only thoroughly review every aspect of your case to challenge the government’s case, but who also has a thorough understanding of the criminal defense strategies that are available to minimize the impact, achieve success, and put this unfortunate event behind you.

Ryan Sullivan is an aggressive Lowell DUI defense lawyer who has built a reputation for his drive to fight for the most favorable outcome in every case. He reviews each case for flaws and weaknesses, discusses your specific needs, and develops a strategy designed to seek a dismissal, acquittal or a reduction of the charges.

As a former prosecutor, Attorney Sullivan knows how the prosecutors and law enforcement think and develop a case. He has long-standing relationships with officers, prosecutors and courthouse staff that allow him to not only analyze the circumstances of each case, but use his practical experience to build a successful defense. His experience on both sides allow him to form a unique and knowledgeable perspective to your case and build your defense.

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