Legal Representation for Criminal Charges in Somerville

Somerville is a city in northwest Massachusetts with a dense population of about 81,045 over 4.12 square miles as of the 2020 Census. It is considered safer than about 37% of other United States cities. The chances of becoming a victim of violent crime are 1 in 522. The most common violent crimes are assault, while the most common of property crimes, which are more frequently committed than violent crimes, is theft, which is charged as larceny. If prosecutors have charged you with a sex crime, violent crime, property crime or another offense, you should call the experienced Somerville criminal defense lawyer Ryan P. Sullivan, who is a former prosecutor that brings to bear insights into how prosecutors think when strategizing how best to defend clients’ cases.

Criminal Defense Law in Somerville

Crimes are classified as infractions, misdemeanors and felonies depending on the severity of the offense at issue. The categorization of the crime determines the penalties. You can face a term of years, including life, in state prison if you are convicted of a felony. When a crime can’t be punished by a term in state prison or could result in a year or less in a house of correction, it is regarded as a misdemeanor.

You can face serious consequences for a criminal conviction even if you have no record. Penalties in criminal cases can be harsh, and affect you for the rest of your life, impacting your ability to secure employment and housing. Criminal records are public in Massachusetts. The outcome of your case can depend on having a seasoned and effective criminal defense attorney with a good reputation to advocate for your rights and fight for the best possible outcome.

What is Violent Crime in Somerville?

In Somerville, a violent crime includes any act criminalized because the defendant used physical force, weapons or verbal threats of violence. In some cases, when violence is involved in another case, such as a sex crime or drug crime, a judge may be authorized to enhance your sentence. When you have a prior conviction for a violent crime or serious drug offense, you could be classified as a career criminal under the Massachusetts Armed Career Criminal Statute, and face enhanced punishment.

Sex Crimes Attorney

Even being accused of a sex crime can conjure significant stress and result in social repercussions within your community. It is imperative to retain legal counsel even before you are charged if you are being investigated or charged with a sex crime. If you are convicted, you may not only face incarceration and fines, but you can also be required to register with the Sex Offender Registry Board (SORB), which compiles a comprehensive list of sex offenders in the state and makes this information available to the public.

Defense Against Theft Crimes Charges

Theft is one of the most common property crimes in Massachusetts; it is charged as larceny. If the property in question is worth $250 or more, or was a firearm, you can be charged with a felony. You could face misdemeanor charges if the property involved is less than $250.

Lawyer for OUI Charges

Operating a car under the influence of alcohol or drugs and even simple possession of drugs such as heroin or cocaine can be a serious charge, particularly if you have prior convictions. Among other potential defenses, we may raise violations of your legal rights in connection with search and seizure, the right not to incriminate yourself, or procedural errors in lab testing; establishing these violations may allow us to get evidence important to the prosecution’s case excluded.

Talk to an Effective Somerville Defense Lawyer

Whether you were charged with a sex crime or a violent crime, you should call trustworthy Somerville criminal defense attorney Ryan P. Sullivan. Mr. Sullivan has more than a decade of experience. He will investigate every angle of your case in order to provide you with the best defense possible. Call him today at (617) 997-7597 or get in touch through our online form to schedule your free consultation.

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Attorney Ryan Sullivan is professional, knowledgeable and compassionate.

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My mom was involved in a horrible accident and we eventually found out she needed a lawyer. We had no idea who to contact and a mutual acquaintance recommended Attorney Ryan Sullivan. After our first meeting with Ryan we knew he was the attorney for our case. His communication and knowledge...

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