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Harassment Orders

Experienced Defense to Harassment Orders

Attorney Sullivan strongly recommends that anyone charged with a violation of a restraining order or harassment prevention order contact an experienced Lowell harassment order defense attorney to help through the process. As with any criminal case you or a loved one is facing, Attorney Sullivan is available to discuss the allegations with you and determine a plan of defense.

Harassment prevention orders (also known as 258E or harassment orders) are designed to prevent contact from people who are causing serious disruption in another’s life. What has occurred unfortunately, is that many of these orders are sought by disgruntled neighbors, spurned acquaintances, or others seeking to use the order to accomplish their own agenda (instead of protection). As the consequences for a harassment order can be significant, you need a skilled attorney to represent you.

Helping Defend You From a Harassment Order

Unlike a restraining order, there is no requirement that a particular type of relationship exists for a harassment prevention order to issue. Instead, the plaintiff (person requesting the order) must show that one of three things happened:

One: That the defendant committed three or more acts that are:

  • Done on purpose and done for cruelty, hostility, or revenge
  • Directed at the person seeking the order
  • Are intended to cause fear, intimidate abuse or damage to property
  • Caused the person seeking the order fear, intimidation, abuse, or damage to property

Two: The person who was seeking the order was forced to or threatened to have sex

Three: The person seeking the order was the victim of a crime of:

  • indecent assault and battery
  • rape
  • statutory rape
  • assault with intent to rape
  • enticement of a child
  • criminal stalking
  • criminal harassment
  • drugging for sexual intercourse

The elements required for an order to issue are hard to meet, but as with most matters, you need to convince a judge that the order should be dropped. Many people make the mistake in thinking that because an order is frivolous or based on lies they do not need an attorney. Mr. Sullivan believes that having a Lowell harassment prevention order defense attorney is even more important in these cases to convince the judge not to allow the order.

Contact the Law Office of Ryan P. Sullivan to Learn More

Attorney Sullivan is experienced in arguing to judges that these orders should never issue or, if they did, that the orders should be vacated (dismissed). A thorough knowledge of the elements mentioned above, a comprehensive understanding of the laws surrounding restraining orders and harassment orders (and what is not enough for one to issue), and a commanding presence in the courtroom while advocating for his clients, combine to allow Attorney Sullivan to vigorously fight against harassment orders. He is the Lowell harassment order defense lawyer you need.

If you or a loved one is facing a hearing for a harassment order, contact Ryan Sullivan online or call (617) 997-7597 for a free consultation. Discuss your options early to develop a strategy to present to the judge and protect yourself from an unnecessary harassment prevention order.

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Great lawyer he has helped my family immensely. Very capable and dedicated. A lawyer who actually cares and an all around good person.


Ryan Sullivan is a very knowledgeable attorney. He is one of my go-to professionals when I am seeking insight on more complicated criminal matters. Without any reservations, he has my vote of confidence.

Ilya Liviz

Attorney Ryan Sullivan is professional, knowledgeable and compassionate.

Millie Cardello

My mom was involved in a horrible accident and we eventually found out she needed a lawyer. We had no idea who to contact and a mutual acquaintance recommended Attorney Ryan Sullivan. After our first meeting with Ryan we knew he was the attorney for our case. His communication and knowledge...

Heather R.

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