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Concord District Court

The Concord District Court is located at 305 Walden Street, less than a mile from the Walden Pond State Reservation. The court serves the towns of Concord, Carlisle, Lincoln, Lexington, Bedford, Acton, Maynard, and Stow. The quiet courthouse is currently presided over by the Honorable First Justice Lynn C. Brendemuehl. Justice Brendemuehl oversees the judges who sit in Concord, while the court’s probation department is overseen by Chief Probation Officer Raymond K. Loughlin, Jr. The able clerk’s office is run by the excellent Clerk Magistrate Ann T. Colicchio, who also presided over clerks hearings. Concord District Court defense attorney Ryan Sullivan often represents clients who find themselves brought to court for a wide variety of offenses.

The town of Concord, Mass. is just one of the eight towns that is serviced by the courthouse. The town has deep roots in the American Revolution, with historic sites in the Minute Man National Historical Park where the famous “shot heard ’round the world” was fired. Only twenty miles outside of Boston, the town still has a New England small town appeal. The restaurants and stores in the town center, the picturesque historic buildings scattered throughout the town, and the conservation areas and parks, all combine to make Concord an ideal place to live and visit.

As with many courthouses that serve the suburbs and rural areas, Concord District Court sees many cases that allege OUI/DUI. It continues to be a common misunderstanding that simply being charged with a crime automatically means that a person did commit the crime. Many small town police officers will be specifically assigned to make DUI stops and arrests in order to deter drinking and driving. This is especially the case where the further away from urban areas the more difficult it is for people to Uber or taxi home. What this deterrent action does is end up with more arrests for people who may not be under the influence as the law defines the crime. The jury trial system is set up to test whether a person the police suspect was under the influence of alcohol truly was under the influence. Concord District Court defense attorney Ryan Sullivan argues before judges and juries that the police may be doing the right thing by making an arrest because they are not sure whether a person is guilty — but the fact that there is doubt in the mind of the officer means there is reasonable doubt! An arrest is not the end; with a capable defense attorney it is just the beginning.

Along with OUI cases, the court handles any crime that can be prosecuted in the district court, including: drug possession or distribution, theft cases, violent crimes, firearm violations, other motor vehicle offenses, and more. Seeking the advice of a criminal defense lawyer who practices regularly in the court where your case is pending can give you advice that can guide you through this difficult process.

If you or a loved one is charged with a crime in any of the surrounding communities, call Concord District Court defense attorney Ryan Sullivan to schedule your free consultation today.

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Great lawyer he has helped my family immensely. Very capable and dedicated. A lawyer who actually cares and an all around good person.


Ryan Sullivan is a very knowledgeable attorney. He is one of my go-to professionals when I am seeking insight on more complicated criminal matters. Without any reservations, he has my vote of confidence.

Ilya Liviz

Attorney Ryan Sullivan is professional, knowledgeable and compassionate.

Millie Cardello

My mom was involved in a horrible accident and we eventually found out she needed a lawyer. We had no idea who to contact and a mutual acquaintance recommended Attorney Ryan Sullivan. After our first meeting with Ryan we knew he was the attorney for our case. His communication and knowledge...

Heather R.

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