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Drug Possession & Distribution

Defending People Charged With Drug Possession or Distribution

Have you been arrested for possession of an illegal drug in Massachusetts? Are you facing distribution charges after selling drugs to support a habit? Drug charges are very serious and many carry mandatory minimum jail sentences. Don't wait for the criminal process to take its course; contact an experienced criminal defense attorney right away.

Aggressively Defending People in Lowell from Drug Crime Charges

The Law Office of Ryan P. Sullivan will provide you with an aggressive defense to any drug crime you face. With years of experience working as a former district attorney in Middlesex County, attorney Ryan P. Sullivan will apply his vast knowledge to your defense if you have been charged with a drug crime of possession, including:

  • Distribution, or possession with intent to distribute Class A drugs, such as heroin
  • Distribution, or possession with intent to distribute Class B drugs, including crack cocaine, Oxycontin and Ecstasy
  • Distribution, or possession with intent to distribute Class C drugs, which include medications for pain or anxiety, such as Vicodin, Morphine, Ativan or Valium
  • Distribution, or possession with intent to distribute Class D drugs — marijuana, for example
  • Distribution, or possession with intent to distribute Class E drugs, which include certain types of steroids
  • Simple possession of any one of these drugs

You may also be charged with drug possession if you have prescription drugs without a proper prescription from a doctor. Possession charges may be added to charges of drug trafficking.

Drug addiction or longtime substance abuse issues often lead to acts of crime. As an experienced lawyer, Ryan P. Sullivan recognizes that jail usually just makes the situation worse. He will fight vigorously for the judge to impose treatment, rather than punishment, if your charges cannot be dismissed.

Call now for Experienced and Effective Representation in Lowell, Massachusetts

If you are facing drug distribution or possession charges, call the Law Office of Ryan P. Sullivan at 978-221-6012 or email the firm for immediate assistance. Your initial consultation is free.

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