DUI Drugs

Operating Under the Influence of Drugs

Every day we are seeing more and more charges brought of driving under the influence of drugs. In Massachusetts, this charge requires prosecutors to prove that a person is under the influence of a specific substance. Often the prosecutors try to use the testimony of a so-called “drug recognition expert” (DRE) to say that a person is exhibiting the symptoms of marijuana, narcotics, a stimulant, or CNS depressants. Having an experienced Lowell OUI drugs defense attorney on your side is necessary to defend against these charges.

Ryan Sullivan has handled many OUI Drug cases both as a prosecutor and as a skilled OUI drugs defense attorney. He has filed motions to prevent DREs from testifying, which have crippled the prosecutor’s ability to proceed with their case. When the prosecutors have additional evidence, Attorney Sullivan has pushed towards trial, resulting in cases getting dismissed or negotiated reduced charges to avoid the consequences of a DUI drugs conviction.

Case Example: Attorney Sullivan represented a client in the Lowell District Court who was charged with DUI drugs. The client was taking prescribed medication for narcolepsy when a crash occurred. Attorney Sullivan was able to keep the DRE testimony out of the case, pushed for a trial, and when the prosecutor sought additional time, was granted a dismissal of all the charges.

What Can Happen if I am Convicted of an OUI Drug Charge

The penalties for a DUI drugs charge can be severe. Depending on whether it is charged as a first offense or subsequent offense, the penalties can involve:

  • Fines from $500 to $50,000
  • Prison time up to five years
  • Minimum periods of jail up to 2 ½ years
  • Two-week inpatient alcohol treatment
  • License loss from 90 days to life
  • And other penalties

These penalties are in addition to increased insurance premiums, the cost of driving classes, registry fines, and other fines and fees. Many times Attorney Sullivan is able to negotiate a reduced sentence for a client charged with an OUI drugs case. This happens by readying the case for trial, requiring the prosecutor to present a case, and then pointing out the flaws in the government’s case. Having a skilled Lowell OUI drugs defense attorney is key to achieving the best result possible.

License Loss

The punishment for a conviction of an OUI drugs charge is separate from the license loss implications. Attorney Sullivan has represented several individuals who have been subject to an “immediate threat” suspension in connection with their DUI drugs charges. When the police file an immediate threat, the Registry of Motor Vehicles will suspend a driver’s license, often until the case is concluded. Having a skilled OUI drugs defense attorney to fight to get you the best result in the shortest time possible can help you get back on the road quickly.

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